Applied Mechanics Dr. Frishmuth is available to work with you or your engineering staff to provide expert applied mechanics support in areas such as finite element analysis, fracture mechanics evaluations, or failure analysis.
Dr. Ron Frishmuth, P.E. / Consulting Engineer
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Structural Design

These two photos show a coiled tubing drilling rig in operation on the North Slope oil field in Alaska. This structure was designed by Dr. Frishmuth. As shown in the photos, the tower platform structure was designed to be placed over a typical North Slope well house without having to remove it from the site. The system was designed to have a Blow Out Preventer (BOP) stack attached to the top of the production tree at the level of the platform. The tower itself is then assembled over the BOP stack and anchored to the platform base with pins and cables.

The coiled tubing injector is located at the top of the tower. The loads on the structure include side pull at a 45 degree angle from the top of the injector head. This force arises from the coiled tubing reel. Additional load is imposed by the weight of the coiled tubing string downhole. These forces enter the structure at the top of the injector head. Additional distributed loads arise from wind loading. These side loads try to overturn the structure thus requiring outriggers to provide stability. Rig up time for this structural system is approximately 10 to 12 hours and rig down time is about 8 hours.



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