Applied Mechanics Dr. Frishmuth is available to work with you or your engineering staff to provide expert applied mechanics support in areas such as finite element analysis, fracture mechanics evaluations, or failure analysis.
Dr. Ron Frishmuth, P.E. / Consulting Engineer
Fracture Analysis
Finite Element Analysis
Structural Design
Specialized Test Equipment Design
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Specialized Test Equipment Design

Dr. Frishmuth has been involved with material and component testing many times during his career. These two figures show two systems for which he had design responsibility. The system shown to the left was designed to load a tubular specimen in direct tension while being pressurized with fluid and gas containing H2S. The system was movable so that it could be placed in a containment vessel for environmental protection when the test specimen failed.

The system shown to the right was designed to tension test materials in a pure hydrogen gas environment. The tension test fixture is shown at the bottom of the photo. This portion of the assembly fits into an autoclave (not shown). The top flange of the autoclave is just above the tension fixture. The large assembly on top of the flange contain the top load frame apparatus and drive motor as well as all the vessel feed through fittings for test instrumentation. This system required unique design for a furnace (for high temperature testing in the hydrogen) and extensometry for use in this environment.




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